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Fuzzy logic is the science of reasoning, thinking and inference that recognizes and uses the real world phenomenon that everything is a matter of degree. In the simplest terms, fuzzy logic theory is an extesion of binary theory that does not crisp definitions and distinctions. Instead of assuming everything must be defined crisply into black and white, that is, varying shades of gray (binary view) fuzzy logic is a methodology that captures and uses the concept of fuzziness in a computationally effective manner. This concept was developed 40 years ago by Lotfti Zadeh. Neuro-fuzzy systems harness the power of the two paradigms: fuzzy logic and artificial neural networks.

Remember that this tool can help the diagnosis but doesn't substitute the urological examination that is always irreplaceable!

I developed 2 neuro-fuzzy system


The last neuro-fuzzy system was constructed in 2007-2009. It is based on data from 1280 patients who underwent prostate biopsy. This neuro-fuzzy system was developed using the software: Matlab. If you don't have MATLAB program in your computer, you need to install the MATLAB component runtime: before (it is large file of 80 MB!). You can download the windows files freely here: unzip the files in your hard disk (for example in c:\) and follow the indication in the file. The executable file works freely in DOS Command prompt of all windows based computer. If you are expert of MATLAB, you can download only the crucial file:


The previous neuro-fuzzy system for prostate cancer was developed in 2006. It was based on data from 1030 men. Predictive variables were tPSA, %freePSA and age. You can freely download the tools for this neuro-fuzzy system. Tools for excel: or (download the zip file and unzip the files in the directory C:\fuzzyprostate\excel). Tool for access: or (download the zip file and unzip the files in the directory C:\fuzzyprostate\access). Tool for ASP file (you need to setup Internet Information Service IIS and type http://localhost/fuzzyprostate/ASPShell.asp In Internet explorer) or (download the zip file and unzip the files in the directory C:\fuzzyprostate\asp ). Those tools require in your computer a specific neural network program (neurosolution). You can download the complete program or the free demo of neurosolution at You can find more about this model in this paper: Luigi Benecchi: Neuro-Fuzzy System for prostate cancer diagnosis. Urology 68 (2) 2006, 357-361


Luigi Benecchi